The advantages of information technology in the communication system

One of the advantages of the information technology revolution is that the world has become smaller and everyone can be connected to the other easily. With the advent of emails, it has been possible for people to send messages from their computers in the early 1990s. Again with the passage of some more years, real time chats were becoming the happening things. However it did not offer personal messaging applications. There were chat rooms in which people started to have fun by speaking with strangers. Towards the end of the last century, when the Google started to offer email services, it started instant chat solutions with the emails. Today more and more internet giants are offering instant messaging services. Even social media like Facebook and LinkedIn has offered live chats. The advantage of this has not only made it possible for people to get connected easily.

The unique ability of real-time chatting applications

Today when the mobile phone technology has penetrated to more people than ever, the potential for live chat software has improved more than ever. The data packages including 2G, 3G and the latest 4G has made it possible for everyone to be connected with the people who are there in the other parts of the world. Instant messaging software has a number of possibilities and can be very advantageous in the word. We can use it for better governance as it can make it easier to send and receive important information over the internet in the real time. Moreover it can be used for entertainment as people share photos, videos and jokes with each other. Today social media is gaining importance due to this important facility that they offer. Without the ability to connect with their friends, these social media would not have become this famous. Similarly this software can be used for entertainment even in the adult entertainments. Today sex chats are becoming the most sought out after entertainment for people. This enables men and women to share the photos and videos which are sensual in nature and they can enjoy cybersex through these real-time chat software. So the uses are many and varied.
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